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Board of Education

Vision Statement

Homer Community Schools
"The Destination for Excellence"
for the Education of Students in the 21st Century

Mission Statement

The mission of the Homer Community Schools, in partnership with the community, is to create a positive culture that engages and encourages students to achieve excellence.

Belief Statements

We believe:

  • Every child can learn

  • High quality education is every child’s right

  • Students will be prepared for success

  • Students will experience success in Homer schools

  • Students are our top priority

  • Staff will have opportunities to grow into top performers

  • Dedicated staff is our number one asset


2022 - 2023 Homer Community School District Priorities


  1. Learning Environment:  Provide a safe, innovative, quality learning environment to prepare students for college and career readiness.  

  1. Student Achievement:  Exceed standards for individual, classroom, district and state assessments and meet/exceed requirements for graduation.

  1. Communication:  Create a purposeful communication plan to strengthen internal and external communications.

  1. Financial Stability:  Maintain a secure financial standing.

  1. Systemic Improvement: Continue to develop and empower teacher-led school improvement teams to increase student achievement and advance the culture of high expectations. Continue to support professional learning teams and be intentional with professional development initiatives. Use a variety of data to identify and focus on specific areas of curriculum and classroom instruction for continuous improvement.

Adopted by the Homer Board of Education on August 11, 2022

2020 - 2021 Board of Education Goals

  1. The board will focus on student achievement and base decisions on the best interest of all students in the Homer Community School District.
  2. The board will present a positive and productive atmosphere for decision-making demonstrated by teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving skills, and positive relationships between the board and the superintendent.
  3. The board will support board development and training to maximize the performance of the leadership team.
  4. The board will partner with the school district community in support of public education.