HMS News: 2+2=Success After School Math Intervention Program


Dear Middle School Parents/Guardians,

I am very excited to invite your son/daughter to an after school program called Homer 2+2=Success.  This program will focus on improving math skills for the future academic success of your student. Participation in this after school opportunity is based on NWEA and MSTEP performance scores.  This is NOT homework help, but an opportunity for improving math skills.

Homer 2+2=Success will be designed to work on math areas that indicate a need for improvement based on the data from the most recent NWEA and MSTEP assessments and the Imagine Math pretest screener.  Teachers will be focusing on intensive math interventions during a 1 hour session twice a week for 4 weeks, to build on basic math skills and increase the likelihood of future academic success. The teachers will also be utilizing Imagine Math an online intervention tool and focusing on  specific skills needing further practice to improve specific areas identified from NWEA and the Imagine Math pretest screener. This opportunity is 100% free and will be tailored to the specific skills your student needs.


Click this link to access the permission slip.

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