Principal's Message

Heather Cahill
Lillian Fletcher Elementary Principal

I know we've all been waiting for summer to arrive! We all need a nice break before coming back fresh in August! However, that doesn't mean it's time to slack off and quit academics cold turkey! Did you know that teachers spend nearly 6 WEEKS in the fall reteaching previously learned material to make up for the summer learning loss?! YIKES. Oh, don't worry, it get's so much worse. Children that do nothing academic over the summer lose one full month's worth of school learning. Let me tell you more! TWO MONTHS worth of reading skills are LOST over the summer! TWO WHOLE MONTHS! Not only that, but students that consistently lack academics in the summer will be nearly TWO YEARS behind their peers academically by the time they reach 6th grade. 

So, how do we prevent this from happening?! 2-3 hours PER WEEK need to be spent on academics to prevent summer learning loss. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot, but it's really not. Let's say you shoot for the higher number of 3 hours-that's just 25 minutes PER day. 25 MINUTES! That time could be spent reading, working on math facts, writing stories, completing work in a workbook, or using one of the many subscriptions we have online that our students use all year long (EPIC!, Raz-Kids, Sumdog, IXL, etc.). Reading to your child counts toward that 25 minutes, so crack open a book or two each night before bed! 

You are your child's first teacher, and our biggest partner in education! Please do all you can to make sure they keep their skills sharp for next year! See you all for the first day of school on August 21, 2019!


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