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My name is Melissa Betz, this is my 7th year teaching and I am so excited to join Homer this year. My husband and I have lived in the community for 3 years now and have 5 children together. When I am not teaching math you can find me gardening, baking, running, or just playing outside with my kids! 

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Welcome to 6th grade Math!

I am so excited to be back in the classroom with you all! Some of the things you will learn this year include using your multiplication and division skills to learn more about fractions, solving problems, understanding variables, thinking statistically, and being able to describe data with the use of graphs.

Classroom Expectations:

Please come to class every day ready to work, and prepared with:

  • Writing Utensil (pencil, blue or black pen, colored pencils)
  • Math folder
  • Positive attitude

Every day when you walk in get your math journal and math notebook from the designated bin and make sure your pencil is sharp!

Every day will have a basic routine

Approx. Time:


5 min.

Warm Up – done in Math Journal

10 min.

Check Homework and review

15 min.

New Learning Target – notes in Math Notebook.

15 min.

5 practice problems and

Homework time

5 min.

Journal Questions or Quick Quiz









This classroom is a place where we will all make mistakes and that’s ok! The goal is to learn from those mistakes and keep improving! You will hear me say this a lot: Mistakes are proof you are trying! All I ask is that you give me your best effort daily. I am here to help you succeed!

Grade and Homework:

Your grade is calculated based on number of points earned divided by total number of points possible. If you score low on a quiz or test and would like to retake it for a better grade you may with-in two weeks of the original test– as long as all homework from the chapter is completed.

All classwork and homework MUST be turned in ONTIME for full credit. Anything turned in late will be half credit. All work MUST be submitted before the chapter test for credit. All work will be graded promptly and entered into PowerSchool (at least) weekly.

If you are ever absent, you can find any missed work with your name on it in the absent folder designated for your class. You will need to copy notes from the Master Notebook (the Teacher’s copy).

You have the chance to earn homework late passes when I catch you in the act of helping others, being responsible and respectful or for having the top score on a chapter test! If you choose not to use them you may turn them in for extra credit at the end of the quarter.

Daily points: Everyone will earn a daily grade in class.  Points will be given for being:

  • On time – in your seat ready for warm up when class starts
  • Prepared – math journal out and writing utensil ready, calculator acquired if needed,
  • Respectful – polite to others and yourself no matter what. 
  • Best effort – honest effort to complete what is required.

Setting Yourself Up for Success!

You will need the following items for class:

        2 composition notebooks

        A pocket folder

        Elmer’s glue

        A pack of number two pencils     

Items the classroom will need if you are able to donate:


            Hand sanitizer

            Clorox wipes

            Extra pencils


On most days, notes will be in the form of a foldable or something printed to paste into your math notebook. You will become experts at the folding/cutting/pasting process as the weeks go by. It is going to be very important for you to follow directions to be sure you are completing each one correctly so that you can get the most out of each activity. 


NEVER STOP TRYING! Some concepts may be difficult but I promise you if you keep trying you WILL understand it! 

Looking forward to a great year! 

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