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Mrs. Barb Smith

7th Grade Mathematics 

6th/7th Virtual Mathematics


Planning Period: 9:58-10:48








If you have any questions or concerns please feel free email anytime (probably fastest choice).


Phone:  1.517.568.4456 Ext: :2139  district phone

               1.616.528.4643  Google Phone #  (you can text this number at                                                                                                           any time)

When calling please be mindful of the time.  If you call during the school day outside of my planning period I will be teaching a class. 

I am planning t to be available each weekday until 5:30 pm.  Whenever possible I will  make every attempt to uphold the 24 hour rule of response.  Please be patient as we transfer into this new adventure of the School Year 2020-21.


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Hello, I am Barb Smith.  This is my 27th year teaching in Homer.  The year where we all focus on giving grace to each other and  to ourselves.  The year where I learn to "go with the flow" a bit better.  We are all in this together!

The majority of my years here have been spent teaching 7th grade mathematics.  The funny thing is that I HATED math as a middle schooler, well all of the way through school really.  I totally understand the struggles of my students.  The good news is that I am now on the other side of those struggles.   I now LOVE math. I enjoy the challenge each problem can bring and the pride one can take when they overcome a mountain they once thought impossible to even start to climb....I look forward to helping my students learn that we can all be successful in any subject, even math. 

I am a proud 1987 graduate of Homer Schools. I experienced my entire k-12 education in the halls of this district.  I made life-long friends and encountered some phenomenal educators along the way. I love this caring and giving community. So much so that, I returned to this district not only as an educator, but as a parent.  

To prepare for teaching I went the long way around.  I actually started at Grand Valley State University studying to become a nurse.  Life happened and I redirected my life on another path. This was the path that started as a small child playing teacher to my stuffed animals.  I had in reality returned to my true calling. I graduated first with my BA from Spring Arbor University and then with my Masters in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University.

We are always one choice away from a different life!






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