Helpful Websites


WWW.FUNBRAIN.COM Helpful website with videos/descriptions of how you do the problems.  It only allows a limit of 10 per subject per day unless you are a member
WWW.MATHISFUN.COM Links to understanding basic algebra, geometry, puzzles, data, measurement
WWW.ABCYA.COM Math and other learning games for younger students up to 5/6th grade Helpful with a variety of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games to practice basic skills Worksheet generator for basic math skills AND an online practice for grades up to 7th. Computer adapted so it moves along at student’s pace. Online practice games based on national math standards. Able to sort by topic and divided into grades 3-5, 6-8 and HS. Variety of math games up to Pre-Algebra Worksheet generator with answer keys for Pre-Algebra to Calculus Helpful videos, advanced/challenging concepts (pre-algebra/algebra) Topic reviews and quizzes that correspond to topics. Includes other topics besides math Grades 7-12 information and review topics. First page is a huge table of contents with links to all topics covered.
Videos and activity resources to do with math students Online games to practice math concepts. Divided by grade level and topics Arcade style games up to grade 6 to practice a variety of math concepts Math, science and engineering site. Challenge upper middle school students. Variety of math and science simulators from the University of Colorado. topic reviews and quizzes to correspond.  Very informational on processes Variety of math games up to pre-algebra.


There are a lot of really good online resources available to use with your student during the mandatory school closure.  Click HERE for an alphabetical listing compiled by Amazing Educational Resources!


Below are examples of some of the resources available:

Age of Learning - To access any of these programs, use access code SCHOOL4638

Age of Learning Logo

For Children in Preschool Through 2nd Grade ABCmouse, Early Learning Academy: Please visit and redeem your access code.

For Children In Preschool through 6th Grade ReadingIQ: Please visit and redeem your access code.

For Children in 3rd Through 8th Grade Adventure Academy: Please visit and redeem your access code.


Discovery Education - Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips


Heggerty - Phonemic Awareness Activities

Program used at LFE - E-Learning Lessons that can be downloaded by parents.







IXL Logo

IXL is a subscription service that Lillian Fletcher Elementary uses to provide supplemental, online academic support in ELA, math, science, and social studies.

  • Login at
  • For grades 2-4
  • Student login in their school login (ex. 24smitjo - John Smith that graduates in 2024)
  • Please email classroom teacher for password.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy Link

Khan Academy is a FREE online resource that parents and students can access for additional practice and support in all academic areas.  

  • Login at
  • For all grades K-4
  • Practice for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Students and/or parents can create a login


Scholastic - Learn at Home