Lunch Menus

Homer Schools partners with Taher Corporation to provide our school lunch services.

2016-17 School Breakfast/Lunch Prices

     $1.30     Breakfast

     $2.25     Elementary Lunch

     $2.45     MS/HS Lunch

     $.50      Milk

Homer Community Schools pariticpates in the USDA's Free and Reduced Lunch program.  

Effective January 30, 2017, Homer Community has adopted a Food Service Uncollectable Debt Policy

  • If a food service account balance has been determined to be uncollectable, the amount is still an obligation of the student’s parent/guardian. Uncollectable balances as of the end of the fiscal year will be recorded in the student data software system as a fee owed to the District.  Click the above link to see the policy in it's entireity.
  • Homer families may set up an account(s) with the food service department to "charge" meals.  Account balances must be kept current with a positive balance to draw upon. The food service account works similar to a checking account. When a meal or item is purchased the amount is deducted from the student’s account.  Click here to read the Food Service Meal Charge Policy