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I want to express my heart-felt congratulations to each of you on successfully completing this important milestone of your academic career.  This will surely be just the first of many outstanding accomplishments you will achieve in your lifetime.

I trust that each of you will take the lessons learned both inside and outside the classrooms of Homer High School and apply them on your next adventure.

Building healthy relationships will continue to be extremely important as you enter this next phase of your life. Learn to recognize what a healthy relationship looks like and nurture and develop those relationships with the people in which you live and work with.

Be ALL IN with everything that you do. Nothing great in this world was ever done by only being half way in. Commit yourself to living a life of excellence and purpose. Be a difference-maker!!!

Give back to your community wherever your travels take you.  Living a selfless life is priceless.   Our lives should be one that is centered on service.

Develop your character into one that is of high integrity. You will forever represent Homer High School, your community and your family. Be Homer Strong in all that you do. This means that you carry the responsibility of representing all of us with the same level of excellence of those who have graduated before you. Always wear the orange and black with the utmost pride, honor and respect.

You are now a member of the Homer legacy of hard-working, honest, dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic individuals who work together and always do their best. Continue to develop those traits as you enter the workforce, college or the military. These characteristics will serve as a moral compass as you take on the next leg of life’s journey.

May you not only be blessed on your journey but may you also bring a blessing to everyone you encounter.  Best wishes to each of you in all of your future endeavors.


Scott Salow
Superintendent of Homer Community Schools
Homer Strong!!!


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