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Non- Emergency Messages

Dear Parents/Guardians:    Due to the increasing number of phone calls the offices receive for non-emergency messages late in the school day, we will be implementing a “no phone messages after 2:00 p.m.”  policy beginning Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. We urge middle and high school parents/guardians of our Homer students to make the best possible effort to communicate after-school plans every morning before school and if you have an elementary student, to send a note with them to the teacher.  However, we understand that emergencies can happen over the course of the day making it necessary to get a last-minute message to your student, in which case we will be sure that message is delivered.  *A non-emergency phone call would include transportation arrangements.

**An emergency phone call would include family/medical emergencies.

Thank you

Driving Permits

Homer High School is now implementing Driving Permits for those students who drive to school. Students will need to register the vehicle(s) they will be driving to school. There is no cost involved.  Just as a reminder, students are NOT allowed to drive or ride with students off campus during lunch hour. 

Dismissal of Student

Students are not allowed to sign themselves out during school without a parent note or phone call letting the office know of the reason. Any student attempting to sign out without a note or phone call, parents will be contacted to get permission for their student to sign out.

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